Welcome to KINMO PW Corporation

An institution built on top quality, service, commitment and integrity.

Kinmo PW Corporation, a privately owned trading and distribution company known in the electrical industry as a strong force when it comes to marketing and distribution of various types of high quality electrical and electronic products and instruments. Our specialization in the distribution and marketing, nurtured by time tested experience is just one of our company’s strong points. Our brands are extensive and diverse, yet operations are simple and lean. This allows us to maintain dominance and a competitive edge in the industry nationwide.

Among other things, the company also specializes in exclusive national distributorship especially of power supply products. We have a vast line-up of various Transformers, Regulators (AVR’s 100KVA above) and Inverters (Pure Sine Wave 13,000 watts above.) This line up carries the brand “Newstar” and “Northstar.”

We are the sole distributor of “Uni-T” High Precision Multi Meters and Testing Devices in the Philippines. The manufacturer of “Uni-T” uses PDCA model for planning, continuous improving and actively implementing top quality management system, which is also based on the ISO 9001 international quality standard system.

We are also the sole distributor of “Hilux” Emergency Lighting Products. Having brought to the Philippines a brand highly recommended by the Fire Service Standard of Hong Kong Fire Protection Command & Fire Services Department, we intend to promote safety and protection to our industry.

In the continued search for improvement and development of our products, services and also primarily for the convenience of our customers, we constantly source a wide range of electrical and electronic products to provide customers with a large variety in choice of different makes, product designs and brands.

Awards & Recognition

Industry leaders and influencers recognize KINMO PW Corporation as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the Philippines, ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.